Reality shows aren’t all bad! (Warning – Scary Images)

I have been excited for a show called Halloween Wars on Food Network, where a cake designer, sculptor, and sugar artist team up to compete for a $50,000 prize. I will admit that my interest is heightened by the fact that an old high school friend of mine and amazing sculpture artist, Andy Bergholtz, is in the competition and is getting to show his very awesome talent on a national stage!

In my opinion, I think these reality shows are amazing advocacy tools. The artists featured in them are often struggling to receive recognition for their amazing talents, and showing them competing together is true entertainment! With the proliferation of singing competitions, dancing competitions, and even the megahit sitcom like Glee, the Arts are finally in a position of mass appeal equal to or possibly surpassing dating and physical competition shows, a real triumph!

If you haven’t already checked out the shows below, make an effort to set your DVR or even try to grab episodes from the internet. More than likely you’ve heard of a few of them, but perhaps some will be a new and welcomed discovery.


American Idol on Fox
The Voice on NBC
Sing Off on NBC


Hot Set on SyFy
Face Off  on SyFy

Visual Arts

Project Runway on Lifetime
Halloween Wars on Food Network
Fashion Star on NBC


Dancing with the Stars on ABC
So You Think You Can Dance on Fox

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2 responses to “Reality shows aren’t all bad! (Warning – Scary Images)”

  1. Mari B. says :

    Love these shows too, but surprised you didn’t mention Craft Wars on TLC. That’s a good one too! :)

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