VA Friday – Spaces for Encouraging Creativity

One key to encouraging creativity with kids (and adults) is to provide an accessible, welcoming place for creativity. This is easier said than done when space is limited, or there is no good place for “messes” to happen aside from the kitchen. Here are a few ideas to create this type of environment in your home.

Have a Multi-Functional Table

Having a table that is easily cleanable, that you don’t mind getting stained or damaged, and that has functionality is important for a creative space. The Norberg drop leaf table at IKEA is quite possibly the best option for a creative table if floor space is limited. The fold-away feature also allows space for other Arts activities like dancing, acting, and playing instruments or making music.

Norberg Table in action in a creative play space.

Organize art supplies

Sort material by type in to bins, cups and/or pockets . Recycling or re-purposing is always a great option to save money and be green.

Can Organizer: from HGTV

Shoe Organizer for Art Supplies

Facilitate and Guide

And finally, don’t be shy about your reluctance to create. Most of the time, kids will create on their own, and the adult just needs to provide supervision, materials, and encouragement.  Read more about facilitating creativity in this fabulous post by TinkerLab with 50 tips on making art with children. This post is a wonderful collection of answers from parents and experts to the following questions:

1) What do you wish you had known about making art with children?

2) What tips do you have for parents who are just starting out?

While you’re at it, learn more about Rachelle and gather more great advice on TinkerLab.


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